Sunday, 14 September 2008

Baby Steps... IN SPACE

So once again I brave the black of New Eden, this time resubbing on of my old trial accounts. So far, I've shuttled around my stuff from the trial to be in more useful positions, experimented with how the market works, trading away my refined minerals and got blown up on the second mission I went on. Bugger.

Fortunately, I'd insured it a little beforehand, and I'd been given 1m isk by a friend when I started the last trial, so it wasn't a huge loss, but it's made me realise something: I'm actually a noob for once.

To set up, the mission was almost litterally 'kill 10 rats'. Eight pirate ships in a deadspace zone, all of them pelting me with missiles and rockets (which I'm sure is cheating), while I try and orbit someone, shoot them, and get my afterburner going at full speed. Still no dice, although I did kill two of them in hit and runs before I got bogged down trying to finish off a third one and went pop.

Although I understand turret combat in EVE (orbit, lock on, pew pew them before they pew pew you), I'm obviously lacking in knowing how to deal with rockets. I believe they are dealt with by going ricockulously fast, so as to outrun their fuel, but that kinda scuppers you shooting back. Maybe flyby shootings are the order of the day. I shall have to experiment.

I still had a Reaper sitting around, so I got to mooch into the deadspace and loot my own corpse. Most of my stuff was destroyed, but I still managed to get two turrets and some ammo out, and should be pewpewing more pirates as soon as I pick up my new Rifter.

Of course, my reaper only has about 10% structure left, but we'll keep that between us, right?