Thursday, 19 July 2007


I've not logged onto WoW in a couple of weeks. Well, not entirely true; I've logged on to check mail, see if any of my guild are actually there, then logged off again.

Seriously, its a horrible game.


No really, it is. Yet I've played it for about two years now. Why? People.

I was quite happy farming away runecloth and felcloth back before TBC, and netherweave, Scryer rep, and any number of motes after. I ran instances (when a group would actually end up forming). I raided. But all the time I was keeping an eye on guild chat. When the guild disbanded, that was it, my will to keep playing stopped. I could've found another guild and kept doing the same, but it couldn't keep my interest.

I think I'm going to give it one more chance on an alt. I have quite a few lying around. My main server has no spare slots left yet only one character above about level 10 and no characters above 18. I can't stand the Alliance zones at that level. They're too seperate and not questful enough. The level 18 is a Dranei, who leveled in the new zones.

I have several Horde characters at similar levels, and am actually more interested in playing that side. People can decry the barrens all they want, but I think it's Good Design™. Its a single place where you can actually get through enough levels to be powerful enough to go to more quest-populated zones. If you get bored of quests, theres an instance slap in the middle of the zone, which is right in the middle of the zone level range as well.

In fact, Horde leveling in general seems to be more friendly. A very low level instance, no crappy stockades, easy access to Shadowfang Keep, Scarlet Monastry (great instance, or greatest instance?) and the Razorfens, and the huge Barrens.

I think I'll roll up a Blood Elf, the only low level content I haven't seen, and see how it goes. If it doesn't grab me, its probably cancellation time.

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