Monday, 17 September 2007

Ach no Hans! its the meme!

Due to circumstanes such as moving and cleaning and stuff I've not had much time to play games, let alone blog them recently, so sorry if you actually hang on my every word (and seriously, its a bit creepy if you do). But this morning Melmoth got meme all over me, so I feel I should do something about it :)

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including my current job):
Photography store assistant
Catering assistant
Hazard management engineer

Thats pretty much all the jobs I've had though, so not much to talk about on this front.

Four films I have watched again and again:
Star Wars (only 3-6 though)
Donnie Darko
The Matrix (original one, and usually only from the lobby scene onwards)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I don't tend to watch films over and over, usually once, once with the directors commentary, and thats about it. These films I've just watched multiple times, so I guess they count.

Four places I have lived:
Berkshire UK
Warwickshire UK
Leicestershire UK
Somerset UK (as of next Saturday)

Not moved much so far, but getting to the point in life where I end up out in the world spending a crapton on rent.

Four Programmes I love to watch:
I don't watch TV?

Four Places I have been on vacation holiday:
France (many many many times)

Four of my favourite foods:
Peanut butter on toast (toast spread with regular butter first to aleviate some of the reidiculous dryness otherwise caused)
Macaroni Cheese

To clarify, I love anything with apple in, although apple deserts tend to duke it out with cheesecake if both are available.

Four favourite drinks:
Tea (what what!)
Ale (Abbot, Jolly Plowman, anything from Wychwood breweries)

Usually not all at the same time. Also, there wasn't enough room in the list to add gin and tonic, so pretend its there.

Four places I would rather be right now:
At a gig by one of the bands i like
Down t'pub wi' friends
On stage. Preferably doing a musical
Backstage, see above point

Four People I Command to Do This:
I won't command anyone to do it, but if you want to be tagged and haven't been, leave me a comment, I'll edit your link in, and we can pretend it was always here ¬_¬

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