Friday, 9 November 2007

Sewers and Shifters

Our second session of D&D took place last night, albeit with a slightly different line-up of PCs, and now up to 6 PCs. Seeing as I'm running a from-the-book game, this means encounters are (should be) a bit simpler than they were originally planned to be.

That said, it was a cakewalk; the hardest part of the game was organising 6 people's worth of combat rounds, and trying to get them to agree how to spend their gold. The party encountered a warforged rogue, and a pair of shifter warriors. The warforged put up a bit of a fight, and lasted a fair while. The shifters on the other hand, managed to charge, and not a lot else before getting cut down.

However, unlike last week, this weeks encounter would perhaps have been a challenge to 4 PCs. Even still, it wouldn't've been much of one. One of the fighters in the party got dropped to -1, but after some patching up from the clerics still did perhaps the most damage of the whole party. Whereas, the 3 NPCs just had to rely on beating down. He was also the only one who took damage.

From the information I've heard about 4th edition D&D, this seems to be something the designers are thinking about: the different monster jobs seem to include a 'boosting other monsters' classing, so hopefully there's more teamwork than just trying to stab the same guy.

I haven't initiative-carded up the next few encounters from the module, so I think I may bump them up (for at least 4 to 7 PCs, depending on how many show up), just to see if the challenges can be more, well, challenging.


Elf said...

Try giving them some loot that most of them can use. You'll soon find the most difficult part of the game is working out loot distribution, to the point where you may not have as many players the following week.

Heartless_ said...

I am also hoping for some encounter revision in 4E. Currently, it is too much of a task to "add" to most fights as PCs tend to be "overpowered" in comparison. The little bit of DMing I've done in 3.5, has always resulted in having a couple "adds" to throw into every fight.