Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Price of Gold

(oh man, this post is going to get gold selling spam out the whatsit)

I managed to find elemental plateau completely empty: it was 5am server time I guess, which was an advantage. I thought I would perform an experiment.

I figure that elemental plateau is probably the most profitable place to grind money. Maybe there's somewhere with cloth and gold drops that beats it, or a better drop rate on greens, but whatever. Auctioneer tells me that primal fires sell for the most on my server, at about 22ish gold.

So I killed fire elementals for half an hour. The results:

68 elementals killed dropping:
26 motes of fire
68 grey elemental bits, worth a total of 7 gold, 97 silver, 5 copper
1 grey weapon worth 2 gold, 58 silver, 2 copper
2 greens, which I put on the auction house, call them about 5 gold each, sold to disenchant

So two primal fires, for about 45 gold, 10ish gold of greys, 10ish gold of greens, grand total of 65 gold for half an hours grind.

5200 gold divided by 130ish gold for an hour comes out at about 40 hours of straight grinding.


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Garumoo said...

It's always best to have multiple grinding spots - elemental plateau for motes, elsewhere for other things. If you put in long hours in one spot not only will you get thoroughly bored, but you will have a hard time selling everything you get without flooding the market.

To that end, might I also suggest grinding for Netherweb Spider Silk in Terokkar from Dreadfang Widows. I used to grind a ten stack (worth 75G) every day. There is rarely much competition too, and there are multiple sub-zones you could work - outside Allerian stronghold is one, the pointy peninsular further south east, and off over to the south west.