Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Delurk mode activated

Unmothballing for a moment here, I'm quite hacked off at everyone complaining about Dr. Bartle comparing WAR to WoW.

No, WAR is not a WoW clone, but it is still a graphical DikuMUD requiring the killing of ten foozles to get an extra level to get extra abilities and some abstract points to put into some kind of alternative advancement tree, then a gear grind and mudflation at the top end. So is Conan. So is Vanguard. City of Heroes. Guild Wars.

There is very little virgin territory separating most current 'mainstream' MMOs (as ever, with the exception of EVE). As far as upcoming and current games go, Chronicles of Spellborn seem to be the most innovative with its rotating skill bar and lack of gear making any difference, but even thats just Guild Wars with a couple of small tweaks. MMOs are stagnant, thats the point I believe Bartle was making.

Now to get back to lurking, or perhaps actually trying to post again. Again.

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