Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Forst pist!

So this is what blogging feels like then? How bizarre.

I suppose if you're here you'd like to know a bit about me, and about why I'm writing a blog. Well obviously because its what all the cool kids do!

But seriously; since I discovered the MMO section of the blogosphere - aside: I'm in my third paragraph and I hate the buzzwords already - I've aquired a folder of RSS feeds to various places: usually there're some deep thoughts and what have you going on in them. I'd quite like to get my ideas out there and under consideration. Maybe it'll filter back to the people who can do something about it (nerf range on deathcoil and resists on felhunter plzkthx).

Also, socialising is fun!

A bit about me and my MMO experience is perhaps required: I'm a noob, and I bet you don't here that said that often.

My first MMO, technically, was Kingdom of Loathing. It's Rather Good™. Since then, I've... er... played WoW. My friend at school got me into it maybe 18 months ago, and I've not really looked back, although I have looked forward somewhat.

Interesting aside: Before I knew anything about the game, I wanted to be a mage. When I started playing, I played a shaman, as I (thought I) knew a bit more about the game. Anyway, 40-something levels later, I got bored of hiting autoattack and rank 1 earthshock every 6 seconds, and dabbled in other classes. My main is now a mage. Heh.

I'm in a casual raiding guild, currently fiddling around in Karazhan, Gruul, and starting Serpentshrine as soon as enough people are attuned. I'm deep frost, a (shadoweave) tailor, and a (gnomish) engineer. I don't have much gold, oddly enough.

I've also beta'd Vanguard, for all of the 3 minutes it took for me to give up on how laggy and buggy it was on my computer. I've played EVE for the 14 day trial twice, but neither time had the motivation to pay for a corrupt game, what with dev involvement in BoB and so on. On the horrizon, I'm interested in WAR, and have signed up for the beta lottery or whatever it is they're calling it. I'm also, pondering picking up Guild Wars to see what thats like.

I do research. Example: I know what loot I want from what bosses. I know where the gems I want are. I knew which ship I wanted, and therefore which skills I wanted, and therefore what stats I wanted, and therefore which race I wanted before I even started to play EVE.

I'm intrigued by design. I'd love to work in the business, and I brim with ideas (current thoughts: modular classes, steampunk, non-anthropomorphic races). Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to break in, and won't be for a few years yet. Reading about it is still fun (classes over skills btw)

Anyway, this is probably more info than anybody really wants to know about me at this point. Also, blogger template is rather nice, but ugly in green. Might have to tinker with it somewhat. Then steal the css sheet for my own purposes.


Cuppycake said...

Welcome to the blogging community =) I'll check your site out regularly now!

Zubon said...

Enjoy the MMO-blogging. Fame and fortune surely lie in your future. Or past. Whichever.