Thursday, 7 June 2007

You gain blink

It may (or may not) be obvious that play a mage in WoW. If it isn't, it will be once I change the ghastly green (and arbitrary alliteration) at the top of this page. Mages are awesome. You get to keep doing things all the time, none of this 'not enough rage', or auto attacking. Well, when soloing anyway. In raids its a bit different; I get to pop some trinkets, chug some mana pots, throw down my water elemental and fire frostbolts for the most part.

Of course there are exceptions. Case in point: Gruul.

Ah shatter, how I loathe thee. What with my puny health (being a mage and all), being close to more than a couple of people kills me dead. Of course, I have this handy way of getting 20 yards from anyone. I'm not allowed to use it.


Nor are the rogues allowed to use cloak of shadows, or the paladins bubble. No-one listens of course, and every set of attempts there're arguments about it with the guild leader.

I believe the reasoning goes something like this:


Yeah, these things happen, but more often than not I take no damage from shatter when I blink. Its not the blink (/CoS/Bubble) that causes the problems, but the lack of aim. Anyway, we decided in our mage channel that its probably more an envy thing; they don't get to reposition themselves after groundslam, but we don't get to... erm.. stare at health bars? Spam sunders?

Its like telling the hunters not to FD, or the tanks not to sunder/maul/consecrate (I'm guessing on that last one, but yes, we have a pally MT sometimes). Its a useful part of our veritable utility belt of skills. I feel the same way when, say, a hunter gets told not to use a pet at the beginning of an instance.

If a player knows what they're doing, they should use whatever abilities they need to to do their job; otherwise how can they do it to their best?

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