Monday, 2 July 2007

Worst. Change. Evar.

Of course, if you read official forums, every change is the above. Every single time.

I don't buy it of course, as every change kills every class, profession, ability or item out there.

(Incidentally, hello again, I hadn't realised I hadn't posted in so long, but I actually have interesting stuff to say again now!)

Recently, I journeyed back to my original MMO, Kingdom of Loathing. When I got back into it, it was in the middle of a countdown to their biggest content addition for two years or so, so it was interesting for me trying to catch up in how the hell the game works again. When the, basically, expansion was released, I then had to un-de-relearn everything again.

The new content I've come across so far is thusly: lots of new zones, more monsters, new quests in old zones, new unlockable stuff in old zones, changes to some items, changes to skills.

Man, listening to chat, or reading the forums, you'd be forgiven for missing the first 5 things in that list. People were acting like the sky was falling, the Earth was crumbling and the internet was switching off, all at the same time.

I found a thread on the WoW forums about a change to elemental resistance potions decrying how they were now useless because of the reduced duration of the effect. I've found similar threads decrying changes in EVE.

People seem to completely overlook the point of these changes: usually, they make sense, either for balance purposes or for narative purposes or just for plain old consistency. But take away someone's favorite toy and they'll complain until they're blue in the face.

I changed my playstyle of Kingdom of Loathing after a couple of weeks of playing due to the change in mechanics, and the new method was a lot more fun than the old one, only for a lot of people it wasn't the same old dull playstyle as it had been for months, so they complained. None of this finding interesting, fun, new ways of doing things.

Man I hate people, can't they just see the good in something new for once?

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