Thursday, 5 July 2007

On endgames

I have nothing to do in WoW.

Thats a complete lie of course. What I mean is I have nothing entertaining to do. I could grind money, primals, rep, whatever. I could attempt to run heroics, probably peaking at 3 members (lacking a tank or healer) over a couple of hours while doing the former before the group collapses.

See, I'm no longer in a guild. Childish leadership and a bad attitude meant I left a raid early and got kicked. Not the point.

The point is of course that without 4-24 other people, there isn't really a meaningful way of advancing. Sure I could join a pick-up kara or somesuch, but I doubt that's a good idea. Pick-ups, in my experience, take forever for anything to happen.

So now what do I do? I'm playing EVE again, and I spend my adventures in Kingdom of Loathing every day, do I even need to keep playing WoW?

My thought is that I'd like to run a guild. Yeah, like thats going to happen, or even be a sensible idea. The problem is that I'm casualcore (to misremember a phrase from somewhere I've forgotten). I play plenty, but not to the extent of ignoring real life. I can't make the raiding schedule of real hardcore guilds, but I want to go kill the bosses every so often. A guildful if people like that means you've got the same mindset, but probably never the same group twice
as people are away doing real-life-y things.

I think the move to 25 man raids has alleviated this problem a little, as it means you don't need as many people in the same place at the same time, but another 10 man would be nice

Of course recently the people have been the reason to log into the game — grinding isn't fun — and being able to get a similar group of people will be the thing that determines whether or not I particularly want to keep playing.

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