Thursday, 9 August 2007

Goodbye Spellslinging, Hello, erm, spellslinging?

I've made my decision. I'm going to shelve my WoW account, and sign up to City of Heroes.

I no longer have any kind of longing to log into WoW. My belf rogue is kinda petering out of interesting things to do; I did go to Wailing Caverns (one of my favorite instances in the game) with her, but the newbie zone has run out of interesting things and now consists of 'clear this village of foozles'.

My mage ran out of interesting things to do as soon as my guild collapsed and there was no more Karazhan to run. Seriously, Karazhan is good fun, provided the group your with knows what their doing and has a good leadership. I've been on runs where we cleared everything and runs where we wiped on Moroes all night, the difference being who was running it.

My twink, who I never got around to blogging about, also got shelved when my guild collapsed, as there was noone to bug to run her through various instances to pick up the gear she needs.

I doubt I'll get WLK, see previous posts for why. If they reitemize Naxxramas to be the Karazhan of Northrend, I may be more interested, but I get the feeling that they won't; Blizzard say their statistics show Kara is the most popular instance, but I get the feeling thats because a 10 man raid is so much simpler to put together, easier to organise and plain out more fun than a 25 man. If they make Naxx 25 man, they've missed the point entirely.

So on to CoH. Much as it kinda bugs me, I expect I'll delete the main I currently have, and restart exactly the same character. Primarily because I buggered up in skill selection, partly because I want to tweak the costume a bit, and a little because they managed to make leveling fun.

Also, a teency bit of 'I want that newbie zone kill 100 dudes badge'. Damn, badges >_>

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Zoso said...

Hey Bob,

If you want to give CoH a crack on the US servers (they're decently busy, even at their off peak times, and there's a fair few EU players still over there) give us a shout, I can do a "refer a friend" thing for another ten free days, then there's cheaper subs ('cos of the exchange rate at the moment).

I'm off on holiday, though, starting about... now, so I won't be back online for a week or so.