Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Emerald Dream

I've been thinking about what I'd like from an expansion for WoW, and had the following thought:

I'd use the Emerald Dream, and make it an overlay on Azeroth: mostly the same ground map, but with different doodads. The Kalimdor and Eastern Dreams would each have a selection of content ranging from, probably, 20-80. I'd put portals between particularly 'green' zones, for example Ashenvale, Feralas, Felwood, assorted other places, and these zones would be about the equivilent of the portaled from zone. The less natural zones, Plaguelands, Desolace etc, would be corrupt areas, at higher levels. The Blasted Lands and the Black Portal would overlap both worlds.

The terrain would be fixed to allow flying mounts, both in the Dream, and in Azeroth proper as they're using the same terrain data. Populate the dream with, say, the remaining good parts of the Green Dragonflight, the Cenarion Circle, maybe a couple of new factions. Throw a selection of new instances accross the whole level range, including a couple of dungeons at equivilent to (not harder than) the highest stuff from the previous expansion.

Presto. Lots of birds with one stone. Percieved downside by Blizzard: no increase to level cap. But throw in a druidic hero class, maybe find something else that can be made a hero class, and there's your artificially extended playtime.

I fully expect that none of this will happen, but if I had my way! *shakes fist*

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