Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Guild wars: a story of surprises

As I posted the other day, at the weekend I purchased Guild Wars Factions, so I thought I'd do a quick 'first impressions' post.

On the way home, as I often do with a new game, I popped open the box to have a look at the manual. Expecting a flimsy bit of paper saying 'how to install' and a 4 disc behemoth of a game, I was pleasantly surprised to find only two discs and a dirty great manual of Everything You Need To Know And Some Stuff You Don't.

Arriving home, I unlock my linux box, shove the disc in, and 'sudo wine /media/cdrom0/install.exe', or whatever it was. Similarly surprising, it worked.

Well, perhaps 'worked' is a little strong; once it was all installed, and I took the 30s to add Factions to my PlayNC acount, I boot up the game and there's no mouse rendered. 'No problem', thought I, and I plunge onwards. Maybe a half an hour later, I realise that I'm not getting anywhere, as GW seems quite click intensive. So off I trundle to find some hackerish way of seeing my mouse.

Long story short, I end up running a program that renders a cat chasing my mouse around the screen. Kinda annoying, but means I know where it is.

I knew that GW instances basically the entire game, but I didn't realise that it downloads all the assets for each instance as you zone in (surprise! I guess). This worked fine, until I tried to zone into the first zone after the first town. Then everything went kinda wrong. Guild Wars crashed, causing X (my linux gui rendererer) to crash. Darn. Well, I'll restart it then. After reinstalling my graphics driver again, X still wouldn't load. I reinstalled linux, and still nothing. I think sometheing got corrupted in my /home partition, the bit where user files and programs and stuff get stored, and which doesn't get formatted on reinstalling linux. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue which bit is likely to have done this, so short of just experimenting renaming random files, I was kinda stuck.

So with a dead linux partition, I booted windows, and installed Factions there. As expected, this worked fine and I actually got a chance to try the game.

Its pretty okay!


Dan Kegel said...

Never run Wine apps as root.
You should not have used sudo to
run wine.

That said, I don't know for sure if that's
what mucked up your system.

Changling bob said...

I had issues running WoW under wine without sudo: it wasn't allowing anything to be written to /home/username/World\ of\ Warcraft/, so whenever I changed my ui, it didn't get saved between sessions. It must be something to do with my permissions, so I got into the habbit.

However, duly noted! I shall fix the permissions when I get it working again :)

Van Hemlock said...

Ah, Factions! Race ya!

Actually, if you do want to meet up again, mail me (link on my blog) and we can sort out character names, etc.