Friday, 7 September 2007

I've got it!

I've figured out Raph Koster's new game.

Here’s what works in this new model, according to Koster:

- the system is the game, not the interface, not the presentation.
- any button will do.
- long phases take your time – response time is rough.
- be done fast, once you’ve made a decision.
- do it side by side. Has to be massively parallel.
- extended accumulated state – save your profile.
- no roles – classless – teams are deterministic.
- representation agnostic – draw it however.
- open data – change it however.

Things that don’t work:

- twitch games.
- Inputs that are locked to commands – dance mats, styluses.
- Models that rely on specific representations (ie 3D).
- Models reliant on prior art – if you haven’t played every RTS you’re screwed.
- Narrative lock – if you tamper with our story, it won’t be good!

Gameplay matters more than presentation, profiles to be displayed, multi-platform, no 3D, flexible storyline. It all adds up to one thing!

Seriously, this is my most successful game of nethack ever. The newts, they hate me :(. On the other hand, I do have intrinsic telepathy, got to love them floating eyes. When they aren't freezing you so newts can kill you.

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