Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Last night in Guild Wars, far more importantly than everything else we did, I hit the level cap. Aside from the ironic comments of 'game over' and 'time to go home', life carried on as it had been for the last 5 missions (only 5? Really!? Seems a lot more than that. Sign of a good game I guess). Well, I did the attribute quest that I'd missed, and we're ready and waiting for the next mission next week.

So here I am, with max stats, end game armour (although it needs some runes (man are runes of vigor expensive) and insignia), and a perfectly adequate axe, shield and bow, if not the best in the game. Only thing left to do now is, well, over half the game actually. Oh, and I could rebuild my character from the ground up with a different secondary class, different (some would say 'more conventional') skills, different equipment etc. And then PvP beckons.

I know I've mentioned it here before, but having actually got to the cap rather than just theorising about it, my opinion has changed very little. If anything, its actually better. Life really does just carry on. You actually keep getting experience (to get skill points to buy skills with (oddly enough)). Enemies keep getting tougher. One needs to keep improving, although this means actually improving in skill rather than getting that extra +1 health.

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