Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Alternative Advancement

I reached the level cap in World of Warcraft precisely twice: once at 60, once with the same character at 70.

When I hit 60, my friends were delving into Blackwing Lair. I've seen inside on my friend's priest and another friend's paladin. I never saw it on my mage. I did see the Molten Core, although only a few bosses. I saw bits and pieces of Zul Gurub and AQ20.

When TBC came out, I was mostly geared in level 60 blues, rarish items from instance bosses. I don't think I was even fully blued. I may have had one pvp purple. Then came the leveling to 70, and of course the replacing of ample gear. At 70, I cleared Karazhan several times, beat Gruul a few times, and (with the aid of tailoring and engineering) got fully purple, 'epic', gear and started enchanting bits of it. (then I got bored and quit, not the point)

At 60, I was too far behind the curve to actually achieve much advancement: sure I could've gone for PVP gear, or whatever, but I wasn't really going to get anything that way, except after the 2.0 patch (and I still didn't get much done). At 70, I was on the cutting edge, so I geared up quicklier.

In guild wars last night, I stuck an endgame rune into my endgame armour. I picked up an elite skill. I respecced to replace the shield I may or may not have destroyed by accident.

Its a better shield, it was all planned! Really!

I also have a good idea of what I want from my build, although haven't figured out my rune/insignia combinations yet.

Then I can work on armour styles and dyes (although I'm pretty happy with what I have at the moment).

Oh, I probably ought to actually reach the level cap, and finish the main storyline, what with only being level 18 (of 20), and having done 4(ish) missions (of I think 16 or so).

Maybe its just me, but I know which I prefer.

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