Friday, 25 July 2008

The State of Play

I probably mentioned waaaaay back when I started this blog that my main character was my WoW mage, and probably mentioned the term 'frost 4 life'.

Yeah, that didn't last too long.

Magey is now an arcane/frost build, after I realised that a couple of gear ever-so-slight downgrades, coupled with a respec would increase my damage considerably. I now do slightly scary amounts of damage spamming arcane blast, and still high but slightly more reasonable damage with a more sensible rotation that doesn't leave me out of mana in about 30 seconds.

New additions to the character stable:

I now have a druid, my third level-capped character in an MMO (more on the second in a bit) and second in WoW. Currently a feral tank, but, as noted previously, my gear is at a point on the curve that's dead on my server. I'm eyeing switching to moonkin spec when Wrath of Lich King hits, and I've got a couple of pieces of Windhawk gear in case I get really tired of the lack of tanking before then. Although primal drop rates are the devil.

Third and fourth in the WoW stable are my hunter and warlock, both just bought their mounts (yay for patches!). The warlock I'm leveling with my girlfriend (shadowpriest) on the same server as my druid, and the hunter is on the same server as my mage to be a mining/sharder. All I have to say on these ones really is that pet classes are silly. That is all.

In other territories: I've recently got back into Guild Wars, prompted by me remembering to get online for the Tuesday Noob Club, me being the Axe Ranger (and don't listen to that Hemlock bloke, axes are far better than bows and pets and that kind of rubbish). This would be my second level capped character, but in Guild Wars you get that before you're halfway through the story. I also have a shiny new dervish to join the (upcoming) TUE Nightfall Survivor. Which should be interesting.

I still have City of Heroes/Villains installed, both US and EU, but am not currently subscribed; the mid levels are very repetitive grindy, which has kind of put me off. I love my gravity/electric Dominator, but playing him is hard work, which isn't really what it should be like. I'm interested to see what Champions will do in this respect, as it looks like they have a much wider range of locales in the preview.

I'm also playing TF2 (primary class: medic, second class: engi, third: pyro), Super Smash Brothers Brawl (mostly Kirby, although Zelda, Sonic and Pikachu also get frequent plays) and planning out D&D adventures, as well as planning out characters to play in that (current count of characters I want to play: 4), but I'm usually the DM, so they might take a while to get through.

Hopefully more frequent posts to follow, including some on podcasts, leveling, and upcoming games.

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